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Domestic ESCOs are typically present in the following energy areas:

  • Modernization of public and indoor lighting;
  • Heating modernization;
  • Industrial and district heating upgrades.

We recommend the ESCO scheme to those local governments and budgetary institutions that have low energy efficiency institutions and cannot renovate them from tender sources, or for which the implementation of an energy-type investment launched on their own means a serious liquidity problem.

As a result of the ESCO, end-user institutions and market participants can use and provide services in a stable operating environment that can facilitate long-term mutually beneficial business cooperation.

The variants of ESCO constructions are as follows:

  • In the case of third-party financing, the ESCO, as a third party, provides the external financing required for the investment, but does not provide operation and maintenance services, so their fees are not charged to the construction.
  • Under a long-term lease / operating lease, the service covers the implementation of the modernization and the lease of the renovated system.
  • ESCO – technical and financial service related to a complete modernization, where the ESCO undertakes technical planning and licensing, construction, operation and maintenance, and organizes the financing of these activities.

Based on the domestic ESCO experience, the following benefits can be highlighted:

  • the investment is made from energy savings, in the framework of a service, thus increasing the indebtedness of the institution.
  • significantly simplifies the procurement process by integrating several elements (planning, investment, financing, operation),
  • are able to obtain significant discounts from their suppliers and banks.

If you are planning to implement an energy efficiency project without state support, the staff of our Agency will help you find the most advantageous financing option for you.

Our agency considers the high-quality implementation and professional coordination of the developments implemented within the framework of the ESCO construction to be a priority.

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