The objective of LENERG Energy Agency Nonprofit Ltd. is to create an opportunity for the economic actors related to the Agency to increase the energy and environmental awareness of the organization. It intends to contribute to this objective by providing energy support and energy audits as professional support.

An energy audit must be carried out to determine the actual energy consumption and primary energy demand of buildings, institutions and the related building services systems.

The energy audit includes:

  • identification of energy consumption systems,
  • determination of actual energy consumption,
  • comparison of actual energy consumption with planned values,
  • making proposals to promote energy savings

All energy audits are expected to include calculations with approximate accuracy that will enable decision-makers to decide which investments to launch or which feasibility studies to prepare.

The energy audit can be performed according to the following steps:

  • Identification of buildings to be inspected as part of the audit. Determination of internal environmental requirements (based on available data or the purpose of the premises).
  • Collection of available design documentation (architectural and mechanical construction plans, construction plans for the construction of the electricity network, technical specifications, etc.). In the absence of design documentation, survey of the building and its mechanical system.
  • Identification of energy supply systems and places of consumption. Clarification of the site plan.
  • Preliminary on-site survey; coordination with operators and technical staff, recording of operational experience.
  • Determination of actual consumption data based on available bills. Analysis of consumption data, determination of average energy consumption characteristics
  • Evaluation and summary of the results of the on-site survey.
  • Examination of payback times based on unit investment costs.

LENERG Energy Agency Nonprofit Ltd. 2015 III. In the framework of the tender procedure KEOP-7.14.0 / 15 (preparation of the energy efficiency developments of the Government Offices and Ministries in the period 2014-2020), the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Government Office , in the elaboration of the detailed development concept, as well as in the preparation of investment projects resulting in energy savings in the buildings used by the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Government Office. development proposals.

Our colleagues and external experts work for companies, central budget bodies, local governments and individuals throughout the country, prepare energy consulting, mechanical and architectural plans upon request, and support the preparation and implementation of investments with preliminary cost estimates.

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