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Surely you have also learned that thanks to the call entitled “Energy Modernization of Municipal Buildings” (code number TOP-3.2.1-15) published on 24 March 2016, it is possible for local municipal consortium members to be united and coordinated at the county municipal consortium leader level To review or revise the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) into a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), or to develop their own SECAP and / or to bring together the SECAPs of rural development communities with a Local Development Strategy in the county.

Why is this good for local governments?

SEAP / SECAP provides a detailed assessment of municipal energy efficiency opportunities and the potential of renewable energy, thus providing a basis for future energy investments and facilitating municipal decisions, as well as contributing to the achievement of CO2 reduction targets.

SEAP / SECAP makes it possible to map in detail the energy management and various energy saving opportunities of their own institutions, public transport, enterprises operating in the settlement and the population, thus preparing and implementing energy projects that promote sustainability, rational energy management. serve. It is developed taking into account the resources and opportunities of the given settlement, which associates the overall goals with concrete actions, together with a cost plan, which saves energy, time and costs. It identifies critical intervention points and formulates innovative solutions taking into account good practices.

In short, the existence of a SEAP / SECAP makes it much easier to apply for tenders of an energy nature, and the energy savings of a given settlement – using the results of SEAP / SECAP – can be significant. However, it will not cost you anything! The preparation of the plan is fully accountable under the project.

In 2015, our agency produced 16 SEAPs for cities with more than 40,000 people, making us the most SEAP-producing agency nationwide.

Our expertise and experience guarantee that we can make your decision easier if you also want to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the application.

Please note that one of the conditions of the technical and professional content of the TOP-3.2.2-15 “Implementation of energy supply for the exploitation of renewable energy sources adapted to local conditions, within the framework of complex development programs” is a condition that the applicant undertakes to: no later than the entry into the maintenance period, obtain a statement of support from the county government that the project is included in the SEAP / SECAP action plans, if any, compiled and coordinated by the county government.

We are at your disposal in connection with energy tenders and the preparation of SEAP / SECAP!

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