Application writing, project preparation, study writing

office, startup, businessOur agency undertakes to support the Partners in devising a project proposal, and then to prepare, develop and submit them to the Intermediate Body.
In recent years, the staff of our agency has gained relevant experience in the preparation of KEHOP, KEOP, TÁMOP, GOP, GINOP, and public tender constructions, so with their professional support you can find development opportunities that can be financed with European Union and / or domestic subsidies, , local government, individual or other central budget institution.

Our main references on various topics:

  • Installation of a photovoltaic system on the building of the Debrecen Correctional Institution,
  • Energy modernization of the public buildings of Létavértes City Municipality,
  • Business strategy, Corporate strategy, Preparation of a feasibility study for many companies on the topic of renewable energy utilization, capacity expansion,
  • Building energy development of church legal entities,
  • Supporting the modernization and renovation of condominiums resulting in energy savings,
  • Submission of tenders for the installation of solar collector systems, replacement of facade windows and heating modernization for a total of about 90 private individuals,
  • Meeting local heat and electricity demand with renewable energy sources for the municipalities of the Northern Great Plain Region,
  • Solar power plant project at the Kisvárda, Vásárosnamény police headquarters and the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters,
  • Further development and expansion of service and research networks supporting teacher training on behalf of the University of Debrecen.

During the preparation of the projects and the writing of the application, the task of our staff is to prepare the professional content of the application, to comply with the formal and content regulations, to compile, record and submit the application documentation. We also undertake to compile the studies and plans specified in the call for proposals (eg: technical documentation, construction plan, feasibility study, impact studies, energy studies,) with the involvement of our external experts in the case of special necessary expertise.

Before starting the study, during the consultations we assess the needs and ideas of the clients and record the initial state, then we support the justification of the project with analyzes.

Study preparation is a very complex task, which gathers work in several disciplines depending on the project topic: depending on the tender design, the study may include technical description, energy calculations, demographic, socio-economic analysis, financial calculations, cost-benefit analysis, summaries of which are the feasibility and sustainability of the project.

After the submission of the application, we continuously monitor the life of the application: we prepare and submit any deficiencies and answers to clarifying questions on time, inform our Partner about the results of the evaluation, participate in the preparation of documents necessary for concluding the Grant Agreement, and help project managers.

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